About Me

Hi! My naIMG_7760me is Chesna Michel and I am a rising junior at THE University of Florida (GO Gators). I am currently majoring in Family, Youth, and Community Sciences and soon to be minoring in International Development and Humanitarian Assistance. Sounds like a lot right? Well, not really. Because, it has always been a dream of mine to start a nonprofit organization where I can help the youth, specifically young women, in any way possible. Whether it is to provide them with spiritual guidance, helping them understand the importance of education, but more importantly, to help these young girls understand “Who they are as an individual.” My plan is to make this organization global and to help as many girls as I can.

A little bit more about me? I LOVE sports! Yes, I was that girl in high school and middle school. I played volleyball, soccer, softball, and tennis. Considered where I grew up at, it was either be involved in sports or not do anything with your time. My old town is a BIG sports town, especially with track, basketball, and football, so every conversation tend to include sports. With all of these little aspects of my life, I want to incorporate them within my organization. I want these young women to do something with what they are passionate about and also to help them realize their full potential in life. Also that, they can become whatever it is what want to become despite what society may think. Not only that but, I want these young women to understand the importance of service and giving back. It does not necessarily means only giving back to their community, but wherever else that may need it. For me, throughout middle and high school, I was always volunteering. Whether it was at my local church, school, and even outside of my own community. What that instilled in me was far more important to my character and values than several than any other thing.


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