Reflection of ENC2210: Technical Communication

Throughout the course of ENC2210, I learned plenty, not only about myself, but how to better my professional writing. Within these six weeks, I learned more about audience, the use of visuals, ethics, readability and usability when creating different documents. I am now able to different and appeal to certain audiences, based on the document. I enjoyed many assignments. However, I was challenged in one specific writing assignment, which was the technical definition. Mainly because I thought was able to separate the document between two different audiences.

One aspect that I love most about the class was the fact that Ms. Pratt kept everyone engaged and allowed us many chances to work in groups. There was not anything that I did not like, because the class really informational and there were several things that I took away from it. If there were something that I could change about the class would be, nothing. I say this because each component of the class was perfect as it was. Nothing was too hard or too easy.

The most important thing that I learned was to appeal to your audience and use of ethics, logos, and/or pathos. I realized through peer review that sometimes, my audience was not specific. I also realized that depending on your document, the language used must be tailored towards your audience. For instance, if you are writing a technical document, your use of diction must match your audience and readers’ knowledge. Also, when you have only a general consensus about your audience’s background, you need to decide whether your document should be highly technical, semi technical, or nontechnical.

This class was extremely helpful! For instance, I know how to apply different components in  a document to either appeal the audience. Not only that but, certain documents require specific information to will make sense of your document. Overall, I learned on how to write a memo and a professional email. One important that I will definitely take away from this class is being able to write a cover letter and tailoring it to the job description and the person that I am writing it to.


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