Infographic Analysis

From the article Family Planning Unleashes the Girl Effect, an infographic was released to depict the overall concept of the article. In this case, the infographic is about making sure that children do not have children and finding new ways to maximize the value for money and impact of existing aid commitments. As well as making sure that girls are taken into account. This entire idea is known as the ‘Girl effect.’

Based on the infographic, the perception is easy to grasp, in terms of the visuals and the varied font sizes. The purpose of the visual is to inform as well as creating an interest towards the reader. Within the visual, the author used symbols, clip art, words, and numbers to further reveal their purpose.

Also, to bring out the purpose of the infographic, the author made sure that she focused on the presentation. That alone will cause the readers’ interest to grow. Concentrating on the different colors, patterns, varied typefaces, enlargement and reduction of some features is beneficial. Not only will that grasp the reader’s attention, but also features as such will keep the attentiveness of the reader.

The author’s choice of language and delivery is right to the point. She is acknowledging and making it easy for her audience to understand the notion of the infographic. Notions, that includes young women getting married too early and having children. Also, the author reveals data at several levels of detail, which ranges from a far-reaching overview to the fine structure of the visual. For instance, she includes distinctive statistics about reducing adolescent pregnancy in India by ten percent, which could add $767 million to the Indian economy.

All in all, the author took in consideration in what to do to grasp and keep her readers attention. Within the infographic, the author was able to match it with her audience. For example, the language that was chosen made it easy-going for anyone to understand the model. The information in the visual focused and organized information that made data easier to interpret and remember.

Eitel, M. (2012, July 13). Family Planning Unleashes the Girl Effect. Retrieved June 3, 2015, from


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