The Benefits of Slow Parenting – Rhetorical Analysis

In the article “The Benefits of Slow Parenting,” author Jaci Conry discussed why and how ‘slow parenting’ cherishes quality over quantity, being in the moment, and making meaningful memories and connections with your family. The author makes a sturdy illustration of slow parenting, as discussed in the article, that it gives you a chance to enjoy the current moments that you share with your child. Bearing in mind that in the future your child may or may not want to spend as much time as they do now with you. She also provided us with different elements and implications of how to spend time with your loved ones.

Conry focused more on the emotional appeal and appreciating each moment with her children and encourages other parents to do the same as well. For example, she explains how she allows her older children to sign up for what they want to do to see how well they do. Not only that but to see how they keep up with so many activities. She then states that after a month, if her children are exhausted or seems to be, an activities needs to be cut out. Conry points out that “Slow parenting is organic, it’s ever-evolving – the only essential is that families carve out time to connect.” Although that may be a good idea, however, many families may not have time to do any activities together.

Conry also brought different people’s statements that indicated her credibility and character. Ms. Conry is reliable and credible, because she has a doctorate in prenatal and perinatal psychology. She believes that riding in the car with family members does not fall under spending family time. For instance, she includes John Duffy in the article, who’s a clinical psychologist and author of “The Available Parent” encourages parents to just sit and watch their children do activities and play around. That alone will provide the parent with the reminder of remarkable their children are.

Overall, Jaci Conry’s indication of slow parenting should take place within all families is understandable. However, I do not think that she understands that most families will not time for ‘family time.’ For example, car rides may be the only time that they have to spend as a true family, everything may be too fast paced for them to slow it down.